Panels and Doors


All panels are constructed of galvanized sheet steel with roll formed edges. They feature effective insulation, a variety of attractive finishes and easy installation.  

The modular components are easy to assemble. The panels are designed to take maximum advantage of available space, whether the panels are fitted to specially erected frame-work or existing steel bulkheads. In well-designed cabins and corridors no screws or rivets are visible.  


The panels are fixed together with non-visible steel profiles, which provide an almost invisible tight, strong and smooth joint. Properly assembled, the whole construction is self-supporting and allows fixing even of heavy furniture directly to the panel. 


All panels are insulated with approved materials to obtain the highest possible fire and sound insulation. 


SBA panel system is produced for easy installation. All SBA Panels are coated with a protective plastic foil. Panels with perforated backside, the foil is to be removed before installation.


A condition for meeting requirements placed on sound reduction and finish is careful planning of living quarters from the beginning. SBA offers modular design and construction planning of all areas to ensure excellent reduction of disturbing noises and create an aesthetic and harmonious environment on board ships.