About us

SBA Interior Ltd is a leading supplier of high-quality interior systems for the maritime industry. The company manufactures and distributes classified non-combustible accommodation panelling systems and different types of beds for use on board ships. SBA products meet the requirements specific for marine conditions.

Another branch of SBA is subcontracting for the metal industry, i.e. making different components in sheet metal with high performance laser cutting machines.

SBA Interior Ltd was established in 1985, in the rural district of Mustio, Finland. In 2019 we moved our factory to new facilities located only about 20 km from old place. SBA is now located in Karjaa, in southern Finland, not far from the three largest cities of Finland and only some 75 km west of Helsinki. The geographic position makes it easy for us to do domestic as well as foreign business, as all major transport services and ports are at a close range.

SBA Interior Ltd employs about 120 people. Turnover 2022/12 was about 22,5 million euros.


Christian Juslin


Member of the leadership team at SBA Ltd +358 44 327 7227 - christian.juslin@sba.fi

Thomas Pökelmann

Thomas Pökelmann

Sales & Project Manager

Member of the leadership team at SBA Ltd +358 44 327 7410 - thomas.pokelmann@sba.fi

Aki Virta

Executive Vice President

Member of the leadership team at SBA Ltd +358 40 593 2444 - aki.virta@sba.fi

Börje Öhman

Quality Manager/HR

Member of the leadership team at SBA Ltd +358 44 327 7225 - borje.ohman@sba.fi

Johan Fagerlund

Technical Director

Member of the leadership team at SBA Ltd +358 44 327 7201 - johan.fagerlund@sba.fi

Mikael Hildén

Business area Manager

Member of the leadership team at SBA Ltd +358 44 327 7239 - mikael.hilden@sba.fi

SBA Interior Ltd turnover

SBA Interior Ltd employees

Our values


SBA is a flexible supplier. Our products are tailor-made for each specific project.


An integral part of SBA’s values is commitment to our customers’ success by providing the best quality products and services and on time deliveries.


With our modern machinery,
our long and solid experience, and our extensive knowledge we can guarantee high quality and great service.

Customer Oriented

We are customer oriented and believe in long-term relationships with our customers and partners.


Safety is our number one priority. We are committed to the safety of our employees, subcontractors and customers we work among each day. SBA manufactures fire safe products that meet all statutory safety requirements.


SBA stands for energy-efficient products and solutions of steel. We strive to achieve the best possible result by optimizing the use of materials and minimizing the amount of recycled waste materials, by maintaining relevant policies and procedures while supporting and continuously developing our quality workforce.