Reporting Channel

We want to do the right thing

SBA Interior Ltd wishes to act according to its values in an open and transparent manner. SBA Interior Ltd is committed to upholding the principles of its Code of Conduct & Ethics in all its business activities.

SBA Interior Ltd maintains an ethical channel (whistleblowing) through which SBA employees, business partners and others affected by SBA’s business activities can confidentially report incidents of possible violations of law, regulations, SBA´s values or ethical principles.

This whistleblowing service offers the possibility to anonymously report internal misconduct. Click on the button below to create a new report. Please provide sufficient detail when filling in the form.


When reporting a misconduct it is important to be as detailed as possible in order to allow for an accurate analysis of your report.

You can choose whether to submit your report anonymously or not. We will inform you of the outcome of your report if you should choose to state your email address in the report.

How cases are handled

Investigations are handled by a specially appointed group of investigators at SBA Interior Ltd.


The service is separated from the organization, to make it impossible to see any personal details, IP addresses, or email addresses of disclosers. This applies to anonymous reports.

Be careful how you express yourself, not to reveal your identity.

All information relating to disclosures is erased after investigations are completed, leaving no sensitive information stored in SBA´s system.

Frequently asked questions

Who can file disclosures?

Normally the service is primarily for employees, but often also for customers, clients, suppliers, members or citizens. As it is impossible to know who the disclosers are, all disclosures are considered. Only factual reports are processed!

What is the service for?

Normally an important aspect is to enable employers to handle problems and misconduct as early as possible. Anonymity is provided as a supplement for employees, customers or citizens who might feel uncomfortable talking to their managers or normal point of contact.

Who can access disclosures?

A specially chosen team investigates disclosures.

How are investigations conducted?

Only investigators can log in and access disclosures.

How long do investigations take?

The initial investigation normally takes no more than two weeks, but this may vary.

How can disclosers follow how cases proceed?

After reporting, the informant receives feedback that the report has been received. After investigations disclosers are given brief details of how their cases have been processed or why they have been written off. However, this requires that the discloser has given an e-mail address in the reporting form.

If you have any questions, please contact