How we respond on Covid-19

people wearing face masks in public

COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on our lives, businesses, and on supply chains. For SBA the safety of our customers and team is the number one priority.

We are actively following the guidance of global health experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Finnish institute of Health and Wellfare (THL) on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are regularly cleaning and disinfecting our facilities and equipment. All our deliveries are packed and sent in a clean environment taking extra good care of hygiene and frequent hand washing.

We encourage social distancing in daily work, using online meetings, and restrict all non-critical travel, off-site meetings and external visitors to our office or factory to contain the virus.

In order to keep all parties safe, we require all delivery parties and carriers to be prepared well for the current situation, increasing the cleaning and disinfection of their facilities and setting up special arrangements for their employees.

We require all visitors to wear a face mask.

During loading and unloading only do minimum necessary interactions with staff at the location, to complete pick-up or delivery.

To avoid social contacts we recommend all delivery partners to temporarily suspend signature required for most deliveries. That means that the drivers may ask for verbal confirmation of receipt from a safe distance to satisfy the signature.

We require urgent notification if a driver or visitor is diagnosed with confirmed infection of COVID-19 after visiting Sba Interior Ltd. This way we can mitigate further infection risk as quickly as possible. Contact the SBA party who ordered the work or booked the transport.

Our delivery times will not have changes and our service is working despite the challenging times. Our team is working to continue to serve your needs, while keeping our employees and customers safe.

Stay safe, keep moving!

Sba Interior Ltd